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Outputs from the IFISH project

ICES Journal of Marine Science

Identifying best practice to integrate fishers' experiential knowledge into marine science and management

Julia Calderwood, Talya ten Brink and Nathalie Steins 

Frontiers in Marine Science

A will-o’-the wisp? On the utility of voluntary contributions of data and knowledge from the fishing industry to marine science

Nathalie Steins, Steven Mackinson , Stephen Mangi, Martin Pastoors, Robert Stephenson, Marta Ballesteros, Kate Brooks, James McIsaac,
Matthew Baker, Julia Calderwood, Barbara Neis, Emily Ogier and Dave Reid 

Frontiers in Marine Science

Reflecting on the importance of open communication and social capital for the co-creation of knowledge in Irish fisheriesce

Julia Calderwood, Debbi Pedreschi, Macdara Ó Cuaig and Dave Reid 

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries

Smartphone application use in commercial wild capture fisheries

Julia Calderwood

ICES Journal of Marine Science

An evaluation of information sharing schemes to identify what motivates fishers to share catch information

Julia Calderwood, Tara Marshall, Karl Haflinger, Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Jeffrey C Mangel & Dave Reid

Marine Policy

Technical and tactical measures to reduce unwanted catches in mixed fisheries: Do the opinions of Irish fishers align with management advice?

Julia Calderwood, Debbi Pedreschi & Dave Reid


This project is funded by an SFI Starting Investigator Research Grant no 18/SIRG/5554 and is hosted by the Marine Institute

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